Neo-Stability Theory Reading Group

It should probably be called classification theory.


This reading group is focused on understanding the basics of stability theory and the fundamental concepts underpinning its study in the last 20 years. This is modelled after a course prepared by Franziska Jahnke, who has helped direct this reading group.

Our preliminary topic will start with topics covering the basics of contemporary model theory, namely Morley's categoricity theorem, and related topics:

  1. Saturated Models, kappa-saturation, Monster Models
  2. Strong Minimality, Algebraic and definable closure, Independence, The Exhchange Principle
  3. Geometries and Pregeometries, Local modularity
  4. O-minimality, Semi-algebraic sets
  5. Omega-stability, Morley rank and degree, Algebraicity Conjecture, Indiscernibles


Katrin Tent, Martin Ziegler. (2012) A Course in Model Theory.

Meeting Schedule

We meet bi-weekly. Meetings are in person in SP904.

Date Speaker Topic Location Time
05/10/2023 N/A Kick-Off Meeting: Introductions. Basic Motivations. Non-stability of the theory of Linear Orders. Scheduling. F1.15 13h00-15h00
12/10/2023 Ferreol Lavaud Saturated Models, Kappa-saturation, Monster Models F1.15 13h00-15h00
2/11/2023 Rodrigo Almeida Section 5.1 + Section 5.2 F2.19 10h30-12h15
9/11/2023 Ferreol Lavaud Section 5.3 + Section 5.4 F2.19 10h30-12h15
17/11/2023 Rodrigo Almeida Section 5.5 F2.19 10h30-12h15