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My name is Rodrigo Nicolau Almeida and this is my webpage dedicated to research and academics.

I am a PhD student at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam , working under the supervision of Nick Bezhanishvili. Before that I completed my masters thesis under the supervision of Nick and Tommaso Moraschini.

My current research focuses broadly on Heyting algebras and closely related structures. In them I am particularly interested in the study of non-standard rules, such as Pi-2-rules, in their universal-algebraic aspects and their computational properties; technical questions on the structure of the category of Heyting algebras, such as providing descriptions of ordered compactifications of ordered topological spaces; and properties of classes of Heyting algebras, such as the study of lattices of varieties and quasivarieties, and the distribution of properties like structural completeness, interpolation or tabularity.

I am broadly interested in universal algebra, model theory and category theory, and especially their interaction. See our local reading group on related topics here .

In a previous academic life I was a researcher in sociology of culture. I worked on policy analysis and briefly on agent-based modelling. You can find most of my work related to that in this link.


Room F2.11
Building F
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam


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Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
University of Amsterdam
Science Park 107
1098 XG Amsterdam


  • Introduction to Modal Logic 2021 - Teaching Assistant
  • Axiomatic Set Theory 2022 - Teaching Assistant
  • Introduction to Modal Logic 2022 - Teaching Assistant
  • Model Theory 2023 - Teaching Assistant
  • Supervision of Individual Project on Dedekind-MacNeille Completions (2 Students)
  • Introduction to Modal Logic 2023 - Teaching Assistant
  • Mathematical Proof Methods in Logic 2023 - Teaching Assistant

I am a member of the ILLC PhD Council . For PhD council matters please contact me here .